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CourseSight is a market-leading training portal and we would love you to join our community of successful training providers, reaping the rewards of being on the system.

Rest assured therefore we provide a tried and tested on-boarding process to make it quick and easy for training providers to start harnessing the benefits of being on CourseSight.

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We're delighted to have you join the CourseSight community

These user guides will show you how to:

  • Set up as a Training Provider
  • Create Resources in the system
  • Create Courses in the system

Before you start, it is helpful to login to your CourseSight account and follow as you go.

Training Provider User Guides

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Quick Guide to Booking

Training resources

Training providers video resources


CourseSight For Training Providers

The Beginners tutorial for Training Provider administrators using CourseSight

CourseSight For Trainers

Short training video on how to use CourseSight as a trainer.


Companies and individuals video resources


CourseSight For Companies

An instructional guide for companies on basic booking and training management through CourseSight

CourseSight For Companies - Booking with London Underground


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