Zero Suicide Alliance Mental Health Awareness Month
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Zero Suicide Alliance Mental Health Awareness Month

The Zero Suicide Alliance has nationally rolled out a free online Step Up training module which focuses on supporting people who may be encountering mental health issues as the pandemic plays out. The move comes as the UK records a 'concerning' rise in coronavirus cases with 3,000 new infections being confirmed this week – the highest daily rise since May.

The ZSA’s new Step Up module – developed and released in time for World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September 2020) - is designed to give people the skills required to identify and reach out to someone whose mental health may be suffering.

CourseSight is a member of this alliance and is backing ZSA’s latest campaign by pledging to get its staff engaging with the issue this World Suicide Prevention Day and normalising the broader conversation around mental health awareness:


“We hope that by encouraging our colleagues and partners to get involved we can contribute to helping those that need help accessing services and play our part in helping to break down the stigma associated with mental illness.”


A spokesman for the ZSA added: “We’re delighted so many organisations are backing our national campaign to get the country trained in suicide prevention. It’s only by talking to each other that we can really get help to those that need it and signpost them to the right services.

As part of this call to get as many people trained as possible, the ZSA is also running a month long ZSA Big Brew campaign running 10 September – 10 October 2020. By taking part in this campaign we hope that CourseSight will be encouraging people to talk about their mental health as a healthy part of life and not just on designated awareness days. The ZSA Big Brew encourages people to get in touch – virtually or over a socially distanced beverage) - with a friend, colleague or relative and take time to ask how the other person is doing, share thoughts , feelings, concerns and let them know that they are not alone. The month-long campaign, which ends on World Mental Health Day, is full of self care activities to help support yourself, friends and colleagues during a time when the stress and worry of the coronavirus is bound to have impacted people’s mental health.

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Editor’s Notes:

About The Zero Suicide Alliance

The Zero Suicide Alliance is a coalition of like-minded partners determined to work together and share best practice to help rid the UK of suicide. The ZSA has already attracted substantial support and formal membership from across the health system. This includes over 200 NHS trusts, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), emergency services organisations, local and regional Government, charities, major employers, community groups, clinicians, suicide survivors and bereaved families.

Find out more by visiting:

Link to free suicide awareness training:

Office for National Statistics report on suicides in the UK:


What is the ZSA Big Brew?

When someone feels at their very lowest they may want help but feel unable to ask for it…..cue the Big Brew.

Employers can play a unique and critical role in suicide prevention. It is vital that employers offer timely and appropriate support for those who need it. People in work spend about one third of their lives at their place of employment. Employees could be struggling to cope, overwhelmed with issues in their life that could lead to suicidal thoughts. Suffering emotional pain that they are desperately trying to hide. Organisations can provide a critical social and emotional support network to these people. If trained appropriately managers can help colleagues understand the importance of wellbeing and good mental health. Helping to keep safe and well and identifying the hidden signs of being mentally unwell.

Why not host a Big Brew event in your business or if you’re part of a group you could rename your next meet up or social event The Big Brew.

That way you’ll encourage others to speak out and do your bit to tackle the stigma associated with feelings of hopelessness.



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