How is training management software changing the face of the training industry?
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How is training management software changing the face of the training industry?

The development of training management software over the past couple of years has seen it emerge as a crucial driving force behind the changing landscape of the training industry. The Industry Benchmark Report for 2020 found that more and more providers are looking to make a permanent shift online in the next few years and one of the major reasons behind this shift is the time-saving capabilities of online and blended learning. Training management software complements this recently determined requirement for efficiency and helps providers to streamline their businesses. As such, training provider management software has been thrust to the centre of the modernisation of the training sector.


What is Training Management Software?

Training management software is the technology behind training management systems (TMS). Whilst both terms are relatively new, the concept of managing training is not. Every training operation requires some form of management system, whether it’s high-tech or simply a collection of spreadsheets. Training management software takes all the existing processes and data of a training business and co-ordinates them in one central hub.

Advanced training management systems include planning and admin tools, secure online payments, a shopping basket from your website, delegate tracking tools, a tutor portal and online course hosting.

Essentially, the training management software that is changing the face of the industry is designed with the objective of assisting you to organise your training delivery and optimise the efficiency of your training business.


How do TMS’s work?

A TMS allows providers to manage their entire training business from one central hub. Not only does a TMS automate manual processes, such as the constant inputting of data, it also tracks all payments and allows you to schedule upcoming courses for months and even years ahead. A TMS allows you to plan and manage your training events, bookings, customers and learners, trainers, expenses, and finances all under one comprehensive system. Time then saved on administrative tasks allows providers to focus on what really matters – the training itself, ultimately leading to higher quality training across the sector.


Why is Training Management Software so important?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the construction sector has faced immense challenges and as a result, many training providers have had to dramatically reduce the size of their internal team. So, with such a large number of providers now operating with a much smaller staffing unit, anything that can help them to minimise extra administration is a worthwhile action. This is another reason why the emergence of advanced training management software in the last couple of years has come at just the right time and can begin to really make a difference to the industry. Providers need training management software to continue being cost-effective and time-efficient moving into the future of the industry. Resisting the pull of change has been shown time and again to ultimately hinder the growth and development of a business and this is just as true within the training sector as well. Now that the development of TMS is so advanced, there’s nothing to stop providers from transitioning their management systems online and getting the most out of the software available.


A training management solution like CourseSight offers its users a valuable overview of every data point they might need through a dynamic reporting suite like this one. As a training provider, the system gives you complete control over every area of your training business, from the ability to easily manage your trainers’ availability, to carrying out laborious administrative tasks at the click of the button.


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