Stop. Make a Change 2020
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Stop. Make a Change 2020

Across the construction industry, the conversation around mental health awareness has rarely been more vital. With the uncertainty surrounding upcoming construction projects, Brexit worries and the challenges facing open worksites attempting to follow ‘COVID-secure’ safety protocols, the sector as a whole is experiencing immense pressure.

The Stop. Make A Change campaign was first launched in 2017 to create a designated space for people to engage in conversations on health, safety and wellbeing, including mental health, and, in doing so, to raise awareness about how common it is to face mental health difficulties. The campaign was so effective, with over 60,000 employees taking part across 1,000 different sites, that it has continued to gather momentum and visibility each year.

The Stop. Make A Change campaign will take place between the 10th and 23rd October and is expecting a record number of employers to take part this year. During the campaign, participating companies will be encouraged to dedicate time at work to directly confront the subject of mental health in an effort to normalise the conversation. Anyone working in construction in the UK, can take part in this year’s campaign by downloading a ‘Conversation Starter’ pack here, devised with the aim of improving health, safety and wellbeing across an entire workforce. The Reference Point team is thrilled that so many of its software clients (whether using CourseSight or one of the many SkillGuard systems managing mobile workforces) are participating in this year’s campaign including BAM Nuttall, Galliford Try, HS2 Ltd and Skanska Infrastructure.

This year, the Stop. Make A Change campaign is co-partnering with Cancer Research UK and Mates in Mind. Mates in Mind is a charity committed to improving mental health in the workplace. As a trusted training provider using Reference Point’s training course marketplace, CourseSight, everyone at Reference Point is proud to be supporting Mates in Mind in its partnership with Stop. Make a Change this year. Especially as during the coronavirus pandemic, Mates in Mind has been working tirelessly to ensure that whilst businesses are taking precautions in encouraging staff to work from home where possible, the mental health of all individuals affected continues to be supported. As part of this effort, Mates in Mind has shared a number of valuable resources aimed at understanding how to create a mentally healthy workplace environment and learning how to spot the signs of a colleague experiencing potential mental health difficulties.

Peter Crosland, the National Civil Engineering Director for CECA, said that “This year the Stop. Make a Change campaign is hoping to reach even more workers given the unique circumstances we find ourselves in.  We believe that it is even more important for each worker to engage with their own health, safety and wellbeing and we hope that the ‘Conversation Starter’ approach is something that everyone will embrace.  CECA is really proud to support this important initiative and is interested to discover what ‘changes’ need to be made and how they will be implemented.  The findings could make a real impact on how we do things in the future”.   

Challenging the stigma and silence around mental ill-health is one of the key strands that the Stop. Make a Change campaign aims to achieve. It is clear that anyone could be at risk of encountering mental health issues at the moment and so it is vital that the conversation is opened up and made accessible to individuals who might outwardly appear unaffected. Through the work of campaigns such as Stop. Make a Change, the discussion surrounding mental health awareness will gradually become a regular and desired aspect of normal working life.

If you are taking part in Stop. Make a Change as a worker, manager or business leader, we would love to hear your story about what the campaign means to you. Contact us on or get in touch via our social media.







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