Prepare Your Business During Uncertain Times with Live Online Classrooms
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Prepare Your Business During Uncertain Times with Live Online Classrooms

The British Association of Construction Heads (BACH), NOCN, and CourseSight are partnering to offer training providers support and advice, to help them protect their businesses against the effects of previous lockdowns and any further restrictions that may occur in the coming year. As part of this, the CourseSight team will be presenting at the BACH/NOCN national annual conference in November, showcasing innovative technologies available right now to the training industry. CourseSight is a simple software as a service solution that gives training providers, small or large, access to state-of-the-art online training management tools, to make managing your training delivery easy and cost-effective. 

It is an uncertain time for all businesses, but as a training provider, there are things you can do now to pre-empt the challenges you may face in the coming year and safeguard your business against obstacles beyond your control. 

It is more important than ever to protect your staff, students, and business by having some form of back-up plan should another lockdown occur over the coming months. By moving completely to online course delivery types or expanding your course delivery to include online or distance learning options ahead of time, training providers like you can use CourseSight to secure your business against the threat of tightening social distancing restrictions.  

Shifting training courses online also enables training providers to reach learners at the other end of the country, providing access to an entirely new market. By offering online classrooms, you will have access to students and delegates across the length and breadth of the country, including more remote areas where there is little competition, opening your business to a wider pool of users and the possibility to increase your profit margins.  

The system also caters effectively to large businesses, enabling teams across multiple locations to access the same information on one central portal, minimising administrative effort and confusion. With all your course information, staff members, and users present in one system, the software can manage your training booking and delivery seamlessly, whether it be purely e-learning, face-to-face, virtual classroom, or a combination of all three.  

Through its partnership with CourseSight training management software, BACH is doing what it can to support its community in going digital. Contact us at to hear about exclusive offers for BACH members and discover how easy moving to online delivery can be, with CourseSight. 



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