New Government Mandate Requires Awareness Training for EV & Hybrid Vehicles
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New Government Mandate Requires Awareness Training for EV & Hybrid Vehicles

The modern electric vehicles you see on the road today are a product of decades of innovative engineering and manufacturing. You’d be right in thinking that electric and hybrid motors are the vehicles of the future, but that future isn’t as distant as you might have initially thought. 

As of September 2020, over half a million drivers in the UK alone were driving electric and hybrid vehicles. Increasingly, these more environmentally friendly vehicles are also being selected as the motors of choice for highway rescue services, delivery services and commercial vehicles such as taxis. This steady rise in the number of EV and hybrid motor users in the last year has led the government to introduce new laws instructing anyone working with or around electric and hybrid vehicles to first undertake the necessary training to do so safely. As such, anyone working with electric and hybrid vehicles will soon require some form of awareness training to continue doing so, especially those involved with the repair and maintenance of such vehicles. 

NTP’s AWARE Series Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Course meets each of the necessary requirements, covering all of the required safety standards of the HSE and DfT. The course is suitable for those who work with or around electric and hybrid vehicles at a surface level, such as valeters, highway rescue operators and other roles that do not require specific mechanical training. The course is available to be taken online or at a safe distance in person, whichever best suits the learner’s needs. It primarily focusses on the various electric vehicle and hybrid technologies available to users and significantly, the health and safety implications of operating these vehicles. Through the course, delegates will learn how to identify the key components of EV and hybrid motors and how to work around these vehicles safely. The course also includes an extra component for those in the roadside and recovery industries, where emphasis is placed on the safe isolation of the vehicle prior to loading or recovery. 

If you work with electric and hybrid vehicles, book your required awareness training now.




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