New Technologies Impacting The Future Of The Training Industry
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New Technologies Impacting The Future Of The Training Industry

Emerging technologies have affected every sector worldwide. The education industry is among the most affected these days as during Covid-19 remote learning became the primary way to learn. Many companies in the education sector needed to reinvent themselves and implemented new techniques to meet students' needs. However, new tech inventions are impacting not only our present but also our future. If you want to know how the future of education looks like, here are some new technologies that will have an impact:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has allowed companies in the gaming and healthcare industries to take significant steps. By providing immersive experiences, PTSD patients have been able to overcome their avoidance issues. Additionally, gamers now feel more engaged because of VR gaming experiences. In the training industry, virtual reality is allowing students to learn and develop their skills in a safe environment. In that case, they can learn from their mistakes and even analyze their performance.

Several companies are using VR for employee training. Mojoapps, for example, has developed a VR training solution for Maintenance Training as well as Safety and Health Training. Mojoapps' VR app allows companies to offer low-cost on-site training. 

Likewise, Ubisim is a nurse training platform that enables students to develop their clinical reasoning and communication skills in pre-built scenarios. Ubisim also allows students to create customized scenarios so they can get personalized education.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have indeed changed our lives. By allowing users to accomplish any task in a few minutes, they have made our lives much more comfortable. In the education industry, mobile apps are helping students to learn from anywhere. There are some popular educational apps like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. They have reshaped the way people learn and how answers are provided.

Mobile apps make learning more interactive and intuitive. As a result, they have improved companies' strategies and teaching techniques. Today, web designers are playing an essential role in creating education web apps, not because of sites' content but because of the UX. Today, users spend more time online, and they are more concerned about the experience they get. For that reason, web designers have enabled organizations to meet students' requirements.  

Digital Classrooms

Web developers and software engineers have become indispensable for companies in the education industry. While remote learning is gaining more ground, digital classrooms are becoming more important. During the coronavirus lockdown, many education companies and universities created digital classrooms to manage classes and provide students with the required resources. Many professionals proclaim that remote learning improves teaching effectiveness and will become mainstream in the next few years.

Vocational schools like Thinkful and Springboard make use of digital classrooms to offer their services. Therefore, online coding bootcamps have transformed adult education and are enabling unskilled individuals to learn during isolation. Additionally, online education helps companies in the education sector reach bigger audiences and provide more flexible courses.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is changing how we learn by allowing students to get previews in real-time and get a better learning experience. Many companies have used AR to reduce costs and improve the experience they offer to customers. Sephora and Home Depot are only a few big companies that are already using AR in their services. In the education sector, AR is increasing students' engagement by gamifying lessons. For example, some institutes and teachers are using AR play cards to allow young kids and adults to get 3D previews of anything like animals or even atoms.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role these days. It's enabled companies to offer highly personalized services to increase customers' satisfaction. AI is changing the education sector's future because it's allowing teachers to automate corrections and make personalized tests. So, time spent on repetitive tasks will be reduced, and students will get an education based on their needs.

Some companies are offering classes for all students that would like to join. By using a Presentation Translator plugin, even if you speak a different language, you'll still understand what the teacher says. As a result, getting better will be possible for those who require learning at a different level. AI has changed the world where we live, and more people are learning AI skills to stay relevant. If you would like to learn AI and machine learning skills, you can go to Career Karma's website and get matched with a coding school.


The future of education has been significantly affected by new technologies. Decades ago, digital classrooms were only a dream, and personalized education was almost impossible. However, they are now real thanks to emerging technologies. In the future days, more education companies will invest money in new tech inventions because they have enabled them to reinvent their strategies and make the learning process much more comfortable.


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