Getting Your Training Business Online - A Quick Guide to E-Learning Authoring Tools and Virtual Classrooms
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Getting Your Training Business Online - A Quick Guide to E-Learning Authoring Tools and Virtual Classrooms

There is no question that the future of training is digital.

Research and feedback from schools and colleges following the first national lockdown shows that the greatest challenge facing teachers and trainers is investing in the right technology for them. Below is an outline of the best-rated software providers for live online classrooms for a range of sizes and needs.

Virtual Classroom Tools

The Biggest and Best:

·        Zoom*

·        Cisco Webex Meetings

·        Adobe Connect (free 30 day trial)

·        Schoology

·        Panopto (ideal for live lectures)

·        Big Blue Button*

·        Learn Cube (excellent for small businesses)

·        Google Meet*

* free options for the software


Before investing in software, request a trial period, or proof of concept to give teachers/trainers experience and time to make the right decision. Not only should the tool be relevant for distance learning, but it might be worth considering whether it could be used within a regular classroom environment as well to get the most out of a subscription to it.

Collated feedback from teachers across the nation following the sudden move to online learning during the first national lockdown also focuses on staff receiving adequate training on these platforms. Knowing how to set the permissions for a meeting prior to the live online classroom, for example, is essential, otherwise, students can potentially mute their classmates and even the teacher/host of the meeting causing disruption and making management of the online classroom chaotic.


E-Learning Authoring Tools

Useful software:

·        Elucidat (fast tools ideal for big companies looking to roll e-learning out fast)

·        Articulate Storyline 360 – simple approach

·        Easy Generator – simplistic and quick

Again – all the research emphasised the need to find software suitable for the providers’ needs. Make use of the free trial periods that all of the best software offers to discover which solution works best for you. Research also encourages providers new to e-learning hosting to consider using different multi-media formats for their courses to enhance engagement.


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