E-Learning Specialist Brings Over 100 Titles to CourseSight
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E-Learning Specialist Brings Over 100 Titles to CourseSight

E-Learning is more relevant now than ever before. Since Covid struck 8 months ago and with much of the country having lived under restrictions for many months, e-learning is one of few ways to safely continue obtaining required qualifications and training. As such, the CourseSight team is particularly pleased to be in the position to offer our ever-growing community over 100 e-learning courses from our newest major training provider, TalentQuest.

The courses are part of a business and leadership series, offering a broad range of courses, each focussing on effective methods of achieving success in the world of business. Each course takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, allowing learners to enhance a particular skillset with maximised efficiency. Training has rarely been so convenient and accessible for learners. There are so many courses to choose from, each of which touch on a different area of leadership, teamwork, or business, and many of them, such as Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, teach skills that are transferrable across any sector of work. With courses from as little as £9.99, users are able to gain invaluable skills from under £10.


‘Our leadership series helps learners to acquire the important skills they need to succeed in a dynamic and demanding business environment. The micro-learning delivery of the series is designed to enrich the learner’s experience, providing users with the opportunity to upskill in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.’

Mahim Mishra, President, Global Talent Development, TalentQuest


The courses in the Leadership Series fall under five stages, each taking learners on a journey towards greater leadership development:

  1. Becoming an Effective Manager

These courses focus on broader business skills required to manage others effectively, such as developing a robust perspective of markets and a strong financial acumen.

  1. Becoming a Competent Leader

Courses that fall under this umbrella focus on specific leadership skills that will help learners develop new techniques to lead successfully, such as leading effective teams and how to solve problems creatively. 

  1. Effective Coaching

These courses look at how to effectively start developing the skillset of members of your team and explore the difference between mentoring and coaching, and the benefits of both of these approaches.

  1. Leading Innovation

In a rapidly changing world of work, it is more and more important for leaders to look to the future for ways to ensure their businesses continue to thrive. In this subsection of the series, courses explore how leaders can promote innovation within their businesses by learning how to be agile in times of change.

  1. Effective Project Management

This umbrella group focusses on the effective and efficient management of people and projects, including how best to approach building relationships with your team and externally, with clients.


TalentQuest selected CourseSight as the platform through which to enter the British training market with its series of e-learning courses based on its wide-ranging booking community and streamlined functionality. The system maximises the simplicity of the process of hosting e-learning training for both providers and learners, and the CourseSight team very much hopes its community will enjoy this new series of business and leadership courses.


‘CourseSight’s recent expansion into the sphere of e-learning has been an exciting progression for the team and we couldn’t be happier to be hosting the full collection of TalentQuest’s Leadership Series on the platform.’

Sarah Randall, Product Manager, CourseSight


So, whether you’re interested in learning more about how human beings interact with each other via an emotional intelligence course, or you’re looking to improve your communication skills, TalentQuest has the relevant training to meet your needs. Book now on CourseSight to begin your development in greater, more effective leadership.


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