CourseSight Welcomes First American Training Provider to Its Portal
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CourseSight Welcomes First American Training Provider to Its Portal

The CourseSight community has been rapidly growing across the UK and overseas since its launch, and recently, the team welcomed its first training provider based in the United States. CourseSight is therefore delighted to introduce its newest member, TalentQuest, which is delivering over 100 e-learning courses via the platform as part of its highly acclaimed Leadership Series.

The Leadership Series is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to enhance their management style or technique. From very specific courses demonstrating how to better understand the value of people’s time and how to foster a culture of risk taking within a business, to broader courses exploring the art of networking and building relationships. Whether you wish to improve your rapport with clients, develop your ability to get the best results out of a team, or you simply want to strengthen your business acumen – TalentQuest has an appropriate course for you. With over 100 courses in the series to choose from on CourseSight, there is undoubtedly something for everyone.


‘The TalentQuest Leadership Series is designed to help leaders and managers acquire the relevant skills they need to successfully motivate their team. Utilizing recently developed technology, the content is delivered in a way that effectively engages users through scenario based micro-learning, priming them for behavioral growth. We hope that the series is received as successfully within the UK market as it has been in the US.’ Mahim Mishra, President, Global Talent Development, TalentQuest


One of the biggest advantages of the series is that it emphasises learning through practical applicability of business problems in the real world. The series has been particularly recommended to businesses seeking to develop leaders who understand the human ‘business mindset’ and are able to use this knowledge to generate results. Unlike many leadership courses, TalentQuest’s courses explore the interpersonal relationship skills required to make a good leader great, and touch on the psychology behind effective leadership.

Each course in the series takes the learner approximately 15 minutes to complete online, so the process of enhancing your leadership and business skills can be swift and straightforward with this bite-sized approach. The series is divided into five principal stages of a leader’s development: Becoming an Effective Manager, Becoming a Competent Leader, Effective Coaching, Leading Innovation and Effective Project Management. Read more about each of TalentQuest’s courses and how they could benefit your business here.

TalentQuest selected CourseSight as the platform through which to enter the British training market with its series of e-learning courses based on its wide-ranging booking community and streamlined functionality. The system maximises the simplicity of the process of hosting e-learning training for both providers and learners, and the CourseSight team very much hopes its community will enjoy this new series of business and leadership courses.


‘CourseSight’s recent expansion into the sphere of e-learning has been an exciting progression for the team and we couldn’t be happier to be hosting the full collection of TalentQuest’s Leadership Series on the platform.’

Sarah Randall, Product Manager, CourseSight


About TalentQuest

TalentQuest began as a talent management consultancy firm, specialising in helping its clients select and develop candidates, before building its presence as a learning solution as well. Today, it is a market leader with a well-established reputation as a training provider, offering both customised and more general training courses to its clients across the world. Recently, its Leadership Series has demonstrated the capacity of micro-learning to benefit individuals’ personal career development and the CourseSight team will introduce it to the UK via its portal.


About CourseSight

CourseSight is specifically designed for training providers to publish and promote training courses and is used by companies and individuals to search, book and manage courses. The CourseSight system not only simplifies the promotion of training courses but also handles every aspect of the process, including online payment and relevant learner communications, such as joining instructions.




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