How Has CourseSight’s Link with CSCS Simplified Admin Processes?

How Has CourseSight’s Link with CSCS Simplified Admin Processes?

Since the launch of CourseSight’s link with the CSCS GoSmart app in September, our training providers have begun to take advantage of the benefits of the update. All tickets from approved providers can now be surfaced against an individual’s CSCS card in GoSmart, meaning delegates can evidence all their training with one card. Prior to this, only training undertaken to obtain a CSCS card would be visible on the card itself. The automated process reduces the administrative effort of transferring delegates’ training outcomes back to them on completion of a course, leaving providers to focus on what really matters – the training itself. Reference Point has been the technology partner for CSCS for over ten years and this link is just the latest software update to increase value, efficiency and functionality for our community.


Over the past year the construction sector has encountered immense challenges and as a result, many training providers have been forced to reduce the size of their staff. So, with scores of providers now operating with a much smaller team, anything that can help them to minimise extra administration is a useful undertaking. Early adopters of the link have said that it’s difficult to imagine returning to a system in which this process wasn’t automated, and this integration has made their operations much slicker to run. The biggest advantage of the link is the ability to surface every completed ticket on one card, so delegates no longer need to carry multiple qualifications with them to every new worksite. One delegate undertaking training with a provider using the link wrote that:


‘It’s great having all my training in one place, it used to take ages to get it uploaded and all my training qualifications were stored in different places. Now all the training I do on CourseSight appears on my card as soon as I finish the course, so I can show my new site managers I’ve done it the next day’.


The integration is straightforward to start utilising. All course bookers or delegates need to do is input their CSCS number when making the booking on CourseSight. From there, the card number is automatically validated within the system, to ensure accuracy. Then, once the delegate’s training is complete and course outcomes have been sent, the qualification is immediately transferred through to the delegate’s card, to ensure the process is as instantaneous as possible, allowing construction workers to evidence their up-to-date training, on one single card, without any delay.


The construction sector is full of high-quality training providers and with more and more of them opting to take advantage of this functionality, it’s clear that one of the trends of the coming year will be focussing on ways to streamline administrative operations.






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