AWARE Series Launches on CourseSight

AWARE Series Launches on CourseSight

The CourseSight team is excited to announce the addition of a new series of training courses to its marketplace. The AWARE Series provides a framework of relevant tailored training to both employers and individuals, and can be delivered however the delegate chooses, whether via face-to-face, online or e-learning training. This flexibility in delivery is more useful now than ever with more and more learners needing the option of online alternatives to obtain their required training in the face of a new national lockdown.

The courses within the series have been designed and written by accredited industry experts, ensuring they provide the highest quality of training for each sector they cater to. The courses within the AWARE Series are constantly evolving to meet customer requirements and are also available for specific development for individual businesses.

A short introduction to a selection of courses from this exciting new series below provides a brief insight into what you can expect:

The Mental Health AWARE course explores how high-quality mental health first aid and mental health awareness training within the transport industry can have a direct impact on a workforce's performance.


The Electrical Vehicle & Hybrid AWARE course looks at the various electric vehicle and hybrid technologies available to users and the health and safety implications of dealing with these vehicles. 


The Drive AWARE course focuses on driver training and awareness by looking at different aspects of a driver’s lifestyle, including their health and wellbeing as well as their use of the vehicle, defensive driving, hazard perception, fuel efficiency, motorway systems and environmental factors.


The Counter-Terrorism & Security AWARE course raises awareness about the ever-increasing terrorist threat and identifies the soft and hard targets within the transport industry and worldwide.


Public AWARE looks at and develops the necessary skills to communicate with people in various situations, both verbally and non-verbally. Communications training is essential to the development of interpersonal skills.

All the courses in the AWARE Series can be delivered as 7-hour DCPC Modules, 2-hour company courses to meet Health and Safety legislation or via online training as part of Continuous Personal Development.


‘Our tailored framework of professional, unique and bespoke courses will meet the requirements of any business across the industry.  From e-learning development, online, legislative DCPC to our externally accredited Institute of the Motor industry, JAUPT or QualSAFE courses, the AWARE Series is designed to meet all of your training needs.’

   Gary Tucker, Managing Director of Network Training Partnership    


Who are NTP?

The AWARE Series is run by Network Training Partnership (NTP), which maintains a national network of training providers aimed at delivering industry-standard training to key sectors. It caters to both individuals and companies seeking industry training and delivery, making it a flexible programme for any seeking high-quality training. The Network Training Partnership Directory allows Candidates and Employers to locate Recruiters, Trainers and Venues in a simple and easy way.


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