Up To Speed Training & Assessment Ltd

Up To Speed has been using CourseSight to promote its courses for over two years and is one of the most active Lantra Awards approved providers in the system.

Up to Speed have a focus on ensuring that they deliver quality consistently. They are quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 for the provision of training, assessment, and consultancy to industry and Lantra Awards approved.

Up to Speed are committed to providing essential, cost-effective training, assessment, consultancy & design solutions.

Their Course offering includes: NHSS 12D T1/T2 Traffic Management Operative Course, NHSS 12D T5 Multi-Phase Traffic Signals Course, NHSS 12D T4 Convoy Working Course and many more.

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17th January 2020

The New CourseSight release set for 2020 is full of new features as a result of real-life user feedback

As part of our commitment to our users, the CourseSight product team run regular workshops, surveys and calls with our clients to ensure our system stays current and continues to meet their needs. Every suggestion is considered and the ones that benefit our users the most are added to the next relea…

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