Skills Training Centre Ltd

Skills Training Centre Ltd has been using CourseSight to promote its courses for over two years and offer a wide variety of courses across the buildings and construction industry.

They have their own dedicated Training Centre in North London but also provide in-house training for customers across the UK.

The courses they provide are designed to be relevant and cost-effective and are delivered to high standards. Their instructors are professional and experienced in their respective fields and are highly skilled at taking account of the needs of individuals with different skills, abilities, and experience.

Their Course offering includes: Building Maintenance Training, Care (e-Learning), Civil Engineering Training, Community Transport Training, Confined Spaces Training, Construction Plant Training, All Driver CPC Courses, Environmental Awareness Training, Finance & Financial Trading (e-Learning), First Aid Training, Grounds Maintenance Training, Health & Safety Training, High-Pressure Water Jetting, Highway Inspection, Highway Sector Scheme 12AB & D, New Roads & Street Works, Playground Inspection, Refuse & Street Cleansing, Schools, Supervision & Management (e-Learning), Winter Service / Winter Maintenance, Woodworking Machinery, Working at Heights and a Wide range of other Skills & Safety training.

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17th January 2020

The New CourseSight release set for 2020 is full of new features as a result of real-life user feedback

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