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Our Training Management Software




   Course Management

Automate administrative processes and quickly schedule courses to save your team’s time.


With CourseSight, you can utilise our course management tools to efficiently plan and schedule the courses you deliver. With built-in course calendars and time-saving course templates, your team can schedule a year’s worth of training with a click of a button.

Effectively manage repeating courses with our course templates and repeat function to automatically pre-fill information. This makes scheduling courses that are re-run over multiple dates extremely easy. Equally, using our bulk-upload function will allow you to import your events from a spreadsheet helping you to schedule a handful of courses at once.


   Resource Management

Centralise all your training resources in one location for your administrators and tutors to easily access.



Our training management system will help you coordinate the resources you need for the training you deliver. Trainers, venues, equipment and room management is all visible at a glance within the platform.

Your trainers can have their own access to CourseSight allowing them to record their training availability, view their upcoming course schedule and download registers ahead of their session.

Administrators can also utilise our resource tools to plan ahead, ensuring that rooms are booked with the right capacity and any equipment needed is available or rented before your training takes place.





  Finance & Invoicing

Integrate CourseSight with your finance system to generate invoices and track payment history.



CourseSight provides flexible payment options for your clients. The system offers pay-on-account and credit card payment methods.

Users can take advantage of our comprehensive reporting suite to track all past payment information and download reports for any internal use. Provide your finance department with Stakeholder access to review key reports and pull essential financial details about your course sales.

CourseSight's finance API also allows you to link with your existing accounting system to avoid double data entry.

   Online Booking & Payment

Our system offers 24/7 online course booking and flexible payment options.



Give your customers the flexibility to pay on account or by credit card.

CourseSight handles all of the post-purchase emails and automatically sends confirmations, receipts, and refunds on your behalf.

Our automated booking service allows customers to make multiple bookings at once and will keep track of availability to ensure you book as many spaces as possible.




Automate your communications to both the booker and the delegate by scheduling emails from one platform.



CourseSight automatically sends joining instructions, order confirmations, VAT receipts, course email reminders, certificates and course feedback surveys on your behalf saving your team time.

All communications are sent out with ease to help reduce administration.

The CourseSight software will also trigger email notifications if there are any changes to the course date, time or venue.

If you need to cancel, move or replace a delegate, the system will notify the individual and either issue a refund or not, depending on your terms.

   Customer Management

CourseSight gives you a 360-degree view of your customers, delegates and/or members.



The software tracks and stores all your delegate information for your administrators to access. Easily view past course results, bookings and delegate details by searching their name or order number.

The software also stores past certificates and tracks upcoming expiries for you to re-market your training accordingly.

At any time you can search the contact information of your clients and view their course booking history. 



Learner Management 

Easily track delegate information and data in one central location.



The portal gives you access to view delegates attendance, achievements and certificates.

Booking form fields allow you to collect any information from delegates at checkout and will store that data for future reference. This can be used to track upcoming expiries, send marketing emails and build communities.

 Reporting & Insights

Discover unparalleled insights into your business with intelligent system reporting tools.



All the data you need to grow your training business is easily accessible via your tailored dashboard.

Receive real-time facts, statistics and satisfaction ratings, to track the performance of your business and departments.

Utilise the suite of reports available to forecast training requirements and identify opportunities from your most lucrative audiences.



 Community Building 

Customize training for specific groups, members, or company partners. With CourseSight, you can restrict the visibility of certain courses, dates, and rates for your community.



This allows you to manage private courses with ease and publish specific training to only certain individuals. You can even grant pay-on-account privileges to allow them to be invoiced later.

Unique linking tools allow companies, providers, and their industry bodies to make connections via the platform.


CourseSight is dynamic and allows for multiple user levels to access one shared environment, centralising your entire business across one platform.



Restrict access levels to various departments within your organisation, while keeping track of all their processes at once.

Provide trainer logins to grant them access to record availability, view their personal training schedule, download course registers and record course outcomes in real-time.



  Information and Security

Data security and protection is at the core of our company culture.



We are ISO 90001 and ISO 27001 certified which underpins our Quality Management approach for the provision of IT solutions, design, development and delivery.

All of our developers are in-house, giving you the assurance that our systems are built to the highest standard and quality.

 Marketplace Access 

Interested in marketing your courses to a wider audience? The CourseSight marketplace is optional for all our customers to utilise for additional marketing benefits. 



If there are certain courses you deliver that you would like to make public to a wider audience, simply list them on our marketplace and begin reaping the benefits of additional bookings.

With hundreds of courses available on our marketplace, you can generate incremental revenue and course sales by listing them to the public.



 E-Learning (LMS hosting) 

CourseSight manages the sales and delivery of all types of training. With built-in LMS hosting capabilities, the platform can deliver your eLearning courses in an entirely hands-off approach. 



Easily upload your SCORM content and let the system manage the entire course for you.

CourseSight will store, track and run the eLearning delivery for you so that you can spend your time focused on scaling your business.

 Automated Certificate Generation

CourseSight automatically sends certificates on your behalf. Our flexible certificate generator allows you to turn certificates ‘on’ or ‘off’ for each different course you run.


Utilise our pre-templated certificate options included with the software or take advantage of our custom certificate features.

CourseSight automatically sends certificates to delegates once they successfully attend and achieve their training, saving your team time.

Upload awarding body certificates, attach them to a delegate record and send them automatically following the course.

The Vircarda add-on sends qualifications to delegates' phones, allowing them to easily share achievements and store their certificates for a lifelong record. It will even trigger notifications for upcoming expiries. 






CourseSight integrates with a variety of apps and services to centralise your processes across the business. This includes finance systems, CRM platforms and CMS websites. 


Take advantage of our CourseSight APIs, which allow you to transfer information out of the CourseSight system and into other systems of your choice.