Our Training Management Software




Course Management

Quickly schedule or amend courses using our time-saving course templates. Our course management capability gives businesses the power to plan and schedule courses, materials and resources with ease, leaving you with time to focus on the things that really matter - delegates and the quality of the training itself.

Our powerful and comprehensive software provides administrator controls and flexible workflows for course management that fit your business and processes. This leaves your administrators with the time and flexibility to focus their efforts on value-added activities. 

Administrators have the ability to alter courses, add and remove instances and edit templates as and when needed, with CourseSight providing the tools to perform efficiently and flexibly in every circumstance. Administrators can also manage cancellations, replacements and automate all course documentation and communications with the touch of a button, using CourseSight’s intuitive training management system.

The speed with which new courses can be set up is also remarkable, enabling a course to be published within minutes of a need being identified, enabling you to respond fast to the market. If you have many courses to manage you can also use our bulk upload function which allows hundreds of course instances and dates to be created or amended with a single form upload.

With our latest update, training providers are now able to upload their e-learning content to CourseSight directly when building their course templates. Our system manages new bookings and provides unique access codes, so that delegates are immediately able to begin their courses once they have booked and paid, reducing administration time and cost for training providers. To learn more about making use of this new feature, please see our complete E-Learning article.


Resource Management

Our training management system will help you easily coordinate the resources you need, including tutors, venues, rooms and equipment. The sharing of information in the system is simple and not only saves time but also significantly reduces human error.  

As a provider, you can also automate communications to your trainers and learners and provide a user area for your trainers, tutors and associates for a connected training event. The integrated tutor portal allows the centralisation and recording of events connected with specific tutors, ensuring they can find all the information about their upcoming schedule in one place.

This empowers trainers to view and manage their own account and forthcoming activities. As information input by tutors immediately surfaces on the administrator’s account it is easy to see where outcomes such as attendance and achievement have been recorded and communicated with delegates and their companies.


Finance & Invoicing

CourseSight provides you with full control over course and material pricing. As well as setting standard prices, the system allows for dynamic and real-time changes. These might be on a course by course instance or a targeted discount campaign to specific organisations.

Our seamless integration with Stripe - the market-leading global payment platform- makes it simple for you to take control of all money matters. With Stripe checkout you can accept payments from over 135 currencies. They are full PCI DSS compliant and all transactions are handled directly through the Stripe servers. As a market-leading quality system, CourseSight does not handle or record any financial data to ensure absolute security of customer financial details and transactions. Another benefit is that payments will reach your account typically within a few days, improving cashflow. If a course cancellation occurs within your terms, Stripe manages this too, requiring no paperwork or effort from you.

When credit and debit card payments aren’t possible, our pay on account approach allows flexible payment plans to accommodate all customer types and internal charging. Our unique payment tools flex to meet the requirements of any business type and accommodate the sale of training to internal, external and supply chain customers within one system. It is easy to report on and distinguish between card or account customers ensuring you are in control.



Let powerful CourseSight automation do the hard work for you. Simply set your custom content, and CourseSight will automate all communications from booking confirmations and joining instructions to reminders and notices. No more data duplication, no more manual processes; no forgotten messages or e-mails; just one simple training management system.

Our simple to use template technology enables you to upload standard documentation (such as pdfs) around your courses or venues with ease - such as location maps or course booklets. In addition, the system handles post booking information and materials, and allows you to restrict supply until payment has been taken. This means that CourseSight provides a truly ‘handsfree’ approach to your communications process whether for e-learning, distance or face-to-face.


Customer Management

Know your customers with our comprehensive booking and outcomes history. The system records all actions taken between a delegate and your company from past course attendance to communications, to deliver a service that's always focused on your delegates. If you need more information about your delegates (such as their date of birth), flexible delegate fields allow additional information gathering at the point of booking. Where optimally implemented, this can give real insight into who your customers are and what their future needs are likely to be, giving you the power to best serve them.

Your customers can access their history and information about their forthcoming bookings through the customer portal. Course documents and receipts are easily accessible for download - by delegates and their managers - at any time. This empowers learners to take ownership of their learning whilst providing management visibility, ultimately reducing calls to your admin team and improving customer satisfaction.


Reporting & Insights

Discover unparalleled insights into your business with intelligent system reporting tools. You'll receive real-time facts, statistics and satisfaction ratings, all at a glance. All the data you need to grow your training business in one tailored user dashboard.

Our comprehensive reporting offers a full and detailed view of activity within the business, with the ability to share this with key stakeholders or export for wider business use.

Our in-depth reporting and insight tools can not only help with tracking the performance of your business and departments, but also assist with forecasting training requirements, identifying opportunities through analysis and gaining a better and deeper understanding of your most lucrative audiences.


Online Booking & Payment

Our training management software offers 24/7 online course booking and payment, so now your customers can instantly book and pay for training at any time; day or night. Figures show that on average 30% of bookings occur outside of standard operating hours and any provider without round-the-clock booking capability is missing out on this potential additional revenue.

Live course listing updates mean your own marketplace on CourseSight is always up to date with availability and capacity for all your latest course offerings. Any action taken by your administrators (or customers using the self-service functions), whether delegate cancellations, price changes or additional capacity added, is instantly reflected in the marketplace.

In the same way, cancelled delegate places are automatically put back into your availability pool, giving you the best chance of filling that place again. Equally, our fully connected and automated booking service ensures delegates are never booking places that are no longer available, avoiding disappointment and ensuring that your business can be making profit through the night and at weekends with no administrator interaction.


Learner Management

Turn your customers into advocates. Use our learner management functionality to provide your customers with the ideal tool to keep track of their delegates and training. Using our portal, learners - or their employers - can track and assess progress with automated notifications about attendance, achievements and certificates, available as soon as you record them. Through the customer portal you can also provide access to historic VAT receipts, training materials, course information and give them the power to manage their delegates and staff members without having to speak to your customer services.

For you as a training provider, our easy delegate search functionality allows a simple way to view the history of a delegate and any records that have been made against them, including partner scheme card numbers. Delegates and their companies can view their booking information at any time, fulfilling any subject data access requests under GDPR.

Now users can save time by inputting their or their delegate’s CSCS or partner card numbers into the CourseSight system when booking a course, allowing information regarding completed qualifications to be automatically transferred to a CSCS or other partner card scheme via the Go Smart apps.

Your Data and Security

Within Reference Point we operate with compliance as a culture for website security and data protection. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which underpins our company-wide Quality Management approach for the provision of IT solutions, design, development and delivery.

In addition, we are ISO 27001:2013 certified, which demonstrates that we have met the rigorous standards in how we manage, maintain and process information in a way that ensures confidentiality, integrity, security and accessibility of data and shows our clear assurance to data protection, risk assessment and information. Our certifications are clearly displayed within the portal for all customers to view and see our integrity and trustworthiness as a system provider.