Selling training materials

Selling training materials

At Reference Point we strive to continuously develop and improve our product offering to not only serve but exceed the needs and desires of our customers.

Whilst retaining all the functionality our clients are already familiar with on CourseSight,  early in the new year we will launch an exciting new feature that will also allow the sale of resources. This will enable companies and training providers alike to promote and sell their materials and expertise through our marketplace – reaching their existing community as well as having the opportunity to boost current trade by selling to new audiences.

Key benefits: This new dimension opens out a whole host of opportunities to our current community members.

  • Specialists are now able to turn the expertise held by their businesses into profit by selling their course materials, packs and other resources in our secure marketplace.


  • Training providers and industry bodies can use the linking feature to create closed membership communities where ongoing access to materials and resources can be purchased and controlled away from public access and view.


  • Industry bodies and accrediting boards can use the CourseSight sales and reporting tools to significantly reduce administration, increase the profitability of resource sales and help to better manage access and usage.

A final word to the wise:

Use us as your shopping basket and checkout service – when using CourseSight it doesn’t have to be through the central marketplace. Each training provider can create a filtered version of the system which they can link to their website to create their own cost-effective personal online store.

This means all listings can still be in one place on CourseSight but customers coming from your website will only see your products or courses, allowing the power of the CourseSight booking engine to handle all sales for you without risk of your website traffic being lost to the competition.


Check back soon for more information on how this feature will look and how you can get started.



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