Government Advice for the training industry - COVID-19
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Government Advice for the training industry - COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a lockdown across the UK on the 23rd of March 2020. As a result, the whole training sector has had to react and adapt to the social isolation guidelines set by the government, in ways that may revolutionise the industry forever and force a traditionally face-to-face industry into the age of technology.

Learning and development for all employees is now - more than ever - hugely important, it helps employees stay and feel connected to their work whilst they are working from home -which for many is an entirely new experience.

Government advice issued to providers of education states that, where possible, educational institutes should carry on training and assessing using alternative processes. In response to this, the training industry has, as ever, shown itself to be resilient and resourceful with many providers adopting new technology and rolling it out across their business in a matter of days.

The most frequently seen approach has been remote training which allows providers to teach and develop people from anywhere. There has been an increase in e-learning content, video conferencing and online assessments, evidencing that providers have reacted proactively to build digital learning platforms that allow the continuation of learning. Plus, providing much-needed structure for those undertaking education through this challenging time.

The worst affected learners are those undertaking time-restricted practical apprenticeships, unable to practice their trade or attend workshops, their learning has been completely disrupted and many have little hope of completing their learning by the deadline required. However, providers have been granted the ability to put a temporary stop on learning for those that have been in an apprenticeship or similar role for less than 4 weeks. This allows them to delay their course without losing their employment or government funding. To utilise this course delay without losing funding, training providers must submit learner information through the relevant request channel.

In addition for those in roles for more than 4 weeks a ‘break from learning’ has been offered where the learner or employer believes this is necessary, while face-to-face assessments that simply cannot be conducted virtually can be delayed for up to 12 weeks with no loss of funding.

Further details of the support packages and allowances for all training businesses can be found here:

With no clear end in sight for the current state of social distancing, the training industry is strongly encouraging the continuation of learning and skill development. There are many ways people can learn effectively through digital platforms, our aim at CourseSight is to enable providers to effectively distribute their quality content through digital channels and empower people to learn from home, maintain their skill set and stay connected to their industry. We take pride in supporting businesses and individuals with learning and development across the country, so that we are in the best shape to get back to work as productively as possible as soon as we are allowed.


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