CourseSight and Highways Common Induction – your passport for Highways England

CourseSight and Highways Common Induction – your passport for Highways England

Reference Point, in partnership with Lantra, is delighted to announce the launch of additional functionality within CourseSight, our market-leading training booking portal. This new functionality automatically synchronises successful training outcomes from the Health and Safety Common Induction (HCI) to the Highways England Health & Safety Passport system to help make life easier for Highways England’s extensive workforce.

The Health and Safety Passport system, which was officially launched on the 8th November 2017 at the national Highways UK conference, took action to introduce an industry-wide common induction (HCI) and is a significant step toward the vision of ‘One Industry, One Card’ for Highways England’s workforce to gain access to work on Highways England sites.

CourseSight is Reference Point’s market-leading training booking portal, which helps guide users to approved training providers delivering approved content, including Lantra’s Highways Common Induction, giving employers the confidence to book online straight away with a provider they can trust.

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Reference Point has launched an integration between CourseSight and Highways England’s Health & Safety Passport system - that allows HCI course achievements recorded by approved providers in CourseSight to be transferred directly onto the Passport smartcard of the individual. This means anyone who completes the course with an approved provider can gain access to sites that require HCI using their Passport smartcard straightaway.

This new seamless process will reduce administration for training providers, cut waiting time for individuals and ensure quality across the industry through Lantra’s training provider approval process. CourseSight assists companies looking for training to see clearly which providers offer the approved HCI programme, helping to maintain the best possible training standards whilst offering value to employers.


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