CourseSight 2020 New Functionality

CourseSight 2020 New Functionality

As part of our commitment to our users, the CourseSight product team run regular workshops, surveys and calls with our clients to ensure our system stays current and continues to meet their needs. Every suggestion is considered and the ones that benefit our users the most are added to the next release. As a business, we invest a lot in R&D (30% of our revenue is invested directly back into development), we encourage our clients to be in touch and tell us not only what they love but also any suggestions they have on improving our software and services.

  1. Material sales function allowing the sale of training materials, booklets, replacement certificates and much more

The new CourseSight material sales function provides another exciting income stream for providers! Enabling you as a provider to make materials available for purchase. These could be your own or items you sell from other providers.  Read more here


  1. Changes to VAT receipts to show cancellations and refunds

To make your accounting easier, we have added cancellations and refunds records all onto one easily downloaded VAT receipt for your online CourseSight payments.



  1. Addition of fields to be included only in the joining instructions to allow for links and instructions for e-learning to be sent out

To prevent extra work for administrators we have added a new field to the joining instructions, allowing private links and instructions to be sent following payment. Meaning customers will get all the information they need immediately following booking.


  1. Addition of discount usage report for training providers

Training providers can now easily see who is using their discounts and which are the most popular using the discount usage report.


  1. Change to delegate registers to add additional columns and ability to download to CSV

To make signing in on the day easier, the delegate registers can now be downloaded to CSV and modified to suit the requirements of the trainer.


  1. Multi-delete option for course instances

Bulk uploading courses and made a mistake? No worries you can now bulk-delete too.


  1. Changes to planner view to display cancelled courses

Our planner view is the favourite tool for many of the schedulers using CourseSight. To make it easier to keep track of courses, cancelled courses are now also displayed in planner view with clear visual distinction from the ones that are running!



  1. Addition of category request form

To save time when uploading new courses there is now a category request form. If you don’t see the category you need for the course you are uploading, simply fill in the form and our team will add it for you as quickly as possible.


  1. Ability to give access to more than one trainer with a course date

When multiple trainers are running a course, it can be difficult to decide which one should record the outcomes. With the new 2020 release you can now give access to a training course to multiple training providers to access through the tutor zone.


  1. Addition of training provider support inbox details to key emails

Have a problem with your booking but can’t find the training provider support email address? Not anymore, key emails such as the booking confirmation and joining instructions will now include the support inbox for the training provider so you don’t have to search for it.



We hope you love our new features planned for July 2020, we will let you know when deployment goes ahead.


If you have any ideas of your own send them in to our support team at


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