CourseSight 2020 New Functionality Launch
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CourseSight 2020 New Functionality Launch

The CourseSight Team is excited to announce the release of a range of new updates that have been carefully designed to further enhance the functionality of our training management system. Feedback from our clients during development workshops has been overwhelmingly positive so we hope all our customers start harnessing the benefits quickly too.


E-Learning Hosting, making promoting courses online even more straightforward

With our latest update, training providers are now able to upload their e-learning content to CourseSight directly when building their course templates. Our system manages new bookings and provides unique access codes, so that delegates are immediately able to begin their courses once they have booked and paid, reducing administration time and cost for training providers. Once the delegate has completed their e-learning course their unique access is disabled, and achievement emails are sent to the booker and delegate automatically by the system, meaning courses can be purchased and completed 24/7 without processing delays.

To learn more about making use of this new feature, please see our complete E-Learning article.

Delegate Date Swaps

This feature enables company bookers and training providers to seamlessly move a delegate from one course date to another without the need to cancel and re-book or re-enter the delegate’s details into the system. This will simplify administrative processes and reduce the number of refunds made.

Card Scheme Integration with CourseSight

Now users can save time by inputting their or their delegate’s CSCS card numbers into the CourseSight system when booking a course, allowing information regarding completed qualifications to be automatically transferred to a CSCS or other partner card scheme via the Go Smart apps. So, with this new feature, it couldn’t be easier for CSCS or other partner card scheme users to operate CourseSight, with their qualifications instantly available to view upon the completion of a course.

For more information on using the integration, please visit our FAQs.

Planning and Resource Management Enhancement

With this CourseSight upgrade, training providers will now have access to a variety of training management features that allow the system to be used not only for course management but to organise many of the resources associated with course delivery. These include:

  • Logging of tutor availability with double-booking flags;
  • Management of equipment requirements with availability warnings;
  • Room and venue usage with double-booking flags;
  • Delegate double-booking notices at checkout.


To centralise all the different course elements, the planner view has been expanded with comprehensive filtering to give a simple view of combined resources usage, making it easy to see when the course resources you need are available for use.


A New Look for our Course Pages with Increased Usability and Branding

Course pages, the log-in screen and search pages have had a makeover. This refreshed new look is not only modern and beautiful but offers improved user experience to our customers, making the site easier to navigate and information easier to find.

For training providers, the new look provides further opportunity to add branding to listings with course images which can be applied to each template during creation. For those without their own branding images, there is a gallery of stock photos to choose from to make your course listings even more appealing to your audience.


We hope you love our new features as much as we do, but please get in touch with any questions or further suggestions of how we can make our system as useful to you as possible!


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