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Network Rail is the owner and operator of the UK’s railway network. This covers 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts, thousands of signals and level crossings, as well as 20 of the UK’s largest stations. The business provides a significant portion of its employee training in-house but has found that courses are rarely filled to capacity when only offered to direct employees.


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The Requirement

From this, they identified an opportunity to increase course profitability and course fill by offering the spare capacity of these training courses out to Network Rail’s supply chain via an online booking solution. With the additional benefit of reducing bad debt by moving from a post-course invoicing process to payment by credit card at the time of booking.


The Solution

CourseSight’s feature-rich and user-friendly system, plus the CourseSight promotional marketplace, provides Network Rail with the ideal tool to promote its spare course capacity to its contractors and also to the wider industry, using our visibility restriction tools. The system allows Network Rail to manage the spare capacity going out to market with minimal administrator effort due to the automation of many day-to-day processes.



The Outcome

Since joining the system, the solution we supply has filled over 1000 course places that would otherwise have been empty and brought significant additional revenue for Network Rail.





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