CourseSight wins more success with trade associations

16th October 2018

CourseSight is continuing to cement its position as the “go to” portal for training within the construction industry and is now being supported and used by a growing number of trade associations (FIS, TICA and ACAD) with more in the pipeline and is also now endorsed by Build UK. The system is designed to provide a single destination for training providers to publish and promote their courses, and for companies and individuals to smoothly and efficiently manage their training needs, with a big focus on quality.

Trade associations are incredibly important to the CourseSight vision of "Highest-quality training as the minimum expectation" in the construction industry: 

"Construction trade associations are outstanding sources of industry-specific education. Long-term success in any industry is in part based on learning and staying up-to-date on all changes to the industry" (Construct-ed, 2018)

To strive for this goal and ensure all promotions on CourseSight are transparent, the system highlights which training providers are approved – and by which organisations - to help customers choose the best quality training provider for their requirements.

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In addition, good quality is rewarded for those who are approved with reduced administration, access to industry recognised qualification templates and CourseSights sister products. Additional functionality enables information from CourseSight to be passed seamlessly to SkillSight, so that newly achieved qualifications can be surfaced on individuals' CSCS cards and then checked on site.

The requirements for customers to enjoy the full range of CourseSight features are minimal as we only need a small amount of information to process a course booking. A customer will need to sign up with us before paying for their first course, this takes only moments to do and all details will be saved to prevent any future data re-entry.
Once signed up, they can log in any time and access the full range of CourseSight features. These include a comprehensive dashboard tailored for their company to help them manage their bookings, access their course planner, generate reports and create links with industry bodies, trade associations and training providers that they like to work with.
Overall trade associations working with CourseSight means: 
  • A great platform for trade associations to showcase their approved content and suppliers
  • Publicly visible approval, reduction of administration and a wider audience for training providers
  • Transparent and trustworthy search and booking system for customers
To understand more about SkillSight and CSCS cards, you can read more here:

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