Host Your E-Learning Courses with CourseSight
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Host Your E-Learning Courses with CourseSight

Managing e-learning courses through the CourseSight training marketplace has just got even simpler. With the most recent system update, the CourseSight Team aimed to significantly reduce our training providers’ administrative duties at no additional cost to them, making e-learning training courses even more straightforward to both run and take.

Now, training providers will be able to upload their SCORM course content to the CourseSight system when they create a template for an e-learning course. This new feature means that once a training provider has uploaded their content, the system handles everything from payment and controlled content access, to communicating achievement to the booker and delegate. So, training providers can be taking income day and night, seven days of the week, without any administrator interaction. The new system update also allows SCORM content to be added to existing course templates within the CourseSight portal to maximise each training provider’s opportunity to save time and administration costs. The new system update includes an automatically generated single-use login that allows customers to begin courses right away but ensures courses cannot be taken more than once or be circulated to others.

When booking courses with participating training providers, individuals and delegates will encounter a number of benefits. There will be no delay while waiting for joining instructions and no need to contact the training provider directly, as courses will be available to start immediately. The CourseSight system automatically generates a unique and single-use login pass for every trainee that signs up to an e-learning course, allowing automatic confirmation of course completion to be sent to the company booker. Even better, achievement results can also be accessed, where appropriate, on workers’ CSCS or partner scheme cards using the Go Smart apps – in moments!

This feature is available to any training provider, with no limit to the amount of content you can upload, or number of templates you can upload to, and at no extra cost. Please get in touch with any queries regarding how to get started using this exciting and time-saving new feature via  





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